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Solidarity Rock is an artist run organization working to partner musicians, artists and creative people in Cuba, Canada and eyond. Since 2008, we have been working to collect instruments and musical equipment to help our friends in Cuban rock bands find their own way through music.
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Ok folks. Thankfully, ARRABIO received their visas last tuesday, the day before they flew in. We’ve been so busy, we haven’t had a chance to update you on it all here, so here’s what up.

The band arrived in Edmonton on October 3, at midnight. We went to the Empress and had a couple of drinks, surrounded by nearly all our friends who have been a part of the Solidarity Rock experience over the years. I think it was the best welcome possible for our Cuban bros.

Friday night, we made history at the ARTery in Edmonton, by witnessing the first Cuban punk or hardcore band to play outside of Cuba. This is an interesting feat, no matter what, but moreso because of the shared commitment that we’ve undertaken to support independent music and art in Cuba. Our friends in ARRABIO have been at the forefront of this work, and watching it all come together for them in my hometown made me more than proud.

Knucklehead/ARRABIO/VCMC and Nervous Wreck sold out the Artery. The people were packed in from the stage to the door, and at least half the crowd actually lost their minds.

Last night in Calgary, the show repeated itself with the substitution of Sabertooth for NW. Beyond anyone’s wildest hopes, the show sold out the Republik, which is pretty amazing in and of itself. 501 people came through the door, and it ruled.

Traveling throughout Alberta with ARRABIO has been amazing, we’re putting together a party show tonight and celebrating punksgiving with some of Edmonton and Western Canada’s best bands. We’ll be updating with photos and more very very soon!

See you in Vancouver!

Drew & Solidarity Rock

Dear Solidarity Rock friends, fans and supporters.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, ARRABIO were not able to secure their visas in order to leave Cuba and travel to Canada in time to make our scheduled tour opening show in Toronto this evening. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon shows. Our understanding is that there is a chance they will finally receive the visas Monday or Tuesday, so that’s what we’re waiting for. We have rescheduled their flights to reflect this and are planning on going ahead with the Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver area shows, and making up as many dates as possible on the prairies, to end the tour in Winnipeg.

This being the first time a Cuban punk band has been this close to leaving Cuba to tour, we feel like it’s especially important to believe in the possibility that it will all just work itself out, and prepare for the best time possible. We will release a revised itinerary and further information in the coming days.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, download ARRABIO’s Full Length Album at

Solidarity Rock                                         


After months of fundraising and working out the logistics on the first ever international tour by a Cuban rock band, we are very proud to announce our next Solidarity Rock tour - this time, across CANADA!

We’re just in the final phases of releasing ARRABIO’s new recording Hecho En Trinidad, which was recorded in Trinidad in July 2012 by Vancouver recording engineer Jesse Gander, (which you can listen to directly below), so we’re bringing our friends to Canada to celebrate!

Big thanks to Edmonton NextGen, Steam Whistle, the Associacion Hermanos Saiz and Edmonton Arts Council for their continued support in everything we’re doing. We’ve also had the pleasure of partnering with musicians and artists across Cuba, and in Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles and Milwaukee. Without them, this would not happen. So, thank you from everyone involved with Solidarity Rock for all of the dedication and hardwork you have contributed, the 6 rock tours we’ve done in Cuba, recordings and this historical tour are all evidence of your awesomeness.

Here are the dates. Much more info coming soon.

09/29/2012 - TORONTO, ON
10/02/2012 - WINNIPEG, MB
10/03/2012 - REGINA, SK
10/04/2012 - SASKATOON, SK
10/05/2012 - EDMONTON, AB
10/06/2012 - CALGARY, AB
10/07/2018 - EDMONTON, AB
10/12/2012 - VANCOUVER, BC
10/13/2012 - ABBOTSFORD, BC


ARRABIO hail from Trinidad, Cuba, the jewel of the nation’s Caribbean coast. The band has distilled its unique sound, carving their own spot in the international hardcore community after years in isolation. Whereas it was once illegal in Cuba to play or listen to rock n roll,

ARRABIO hail from Trinidad, Cuba, the jewel of the nation’s Caribbean coast. The band has distilled its unique sound, carving their own spot in the international hardcore community after years in isolation. Whereas it was once illegal in Cuba to play or listen to rock n roll, this 4-piece has been at the forefront of creating a DIY rock n roll revolution in Cuba, a country hungry for something new. The band includes members of the original punk rock bands that first formed in the centre of the country in the mid 90’s; including guitarist William Garcia, who is the co-founder of Solidarity Rock, an initative which works to create cultural exchange with Cuban and foreign rock bands. Through Solidarity Rock, ARRABIO has toured Cuba four times with bands from across Western Canada and the United States.

ARRABIO has been witness to many rock n roll firsts, including the first Canadian and American bands to tour their country. Now, they will become the first Cuban rock band to tour outside of Cuba, in support of their new album “Hecho En Trinidad”. The album was recorded in Trinidad, Cuba by Canadian recording engineer Jesse Gander.

ARRABIO are a fan favorite all across Cuba, known for their guitar driven live shows, engaging lyrics, and a burning intensity rarely seen on stage. ARRABIO are about to bring their voices to the world. A moment in Cuban history is coming soon to a dark room near you.

Check this post out! When we were in Havana, we met Ivan, the guitar player in a band called Viento Solar (which means Solar Winds). VS has been a band since 1975, Ivan grew up listening to 50’s rock n roll broadcast from Miami. We had a great time hanging out and talking, and this morning, he sent me a link to some of his photos from the Havana show! Check it out!

Thanks Ivan!

2012 Canada Solidarity Rock Exchange!


Dawn Jefe de la delegacion Canadiense e Ivan Fariñas


La banda de Punk canadiense en plena presentacion


Logan bateria de Oh Oh con Ivan Fariñas


Logan bateria de Oh Oh en plena accion

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Hecho En Trinidad

Listen to ARRABIO from Trinidad, Cuba. - Justicia y Pan

Here’s another track from Trinidad, Cuba’s ARRABIO off their forthcoming album “Hecho En Trinidad.”Recorded by Jesse Gander at Solidarity Studios in Trinidad, Cuba, July 2012.

Justicia y Pan

Tantos años han pasado
Una generación que no deja de sangrar
Necedad sin olvido
Un pueblo entero que no deja de soñar

Hoy seguimos esperando
Lo mismo que años atrás
Libertad para mi pueblo
Justicia y pan

Aún recuerdo allí sentados
En el parque central
Con algunos de mis amigos
Que hoy ya no están

Se han marchado a otros lados
Se cansaron de esperar
Lo que tanto añoramos
Justicia y pan

Y aquí seguimos soñando
Día a día
Y aquí seguimos
Con los ojos abiertos
Cada día.

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Hecho En Trinidad

Listen to ARRABIO from Trinidad, Cuba.

Here’s another track from Trinidad, Cuba’s ARRABIO off their forthcoming album “Hecho En Trinidad.”Recorded by Jesse Gander at Solidarity Studios in Trinidad, Cuba, July 2012.


Son mis calles
Es mi gente
Orgullo de ser y estar

Sus olores
Sus colores
Orgullo de ser y estar

Orgullo de ser de Trinidad
Orgullo de vivir en Trinidad
Hard core Hecho en Trinidad

El odio desatado en estas calles
Por la hipocresía de la sociedad
No es nada comparado
Con lo que sentimos
Caminando esta ciudad

El pueblo resiste en TRINIDAD

39 plays 39 plays
Hecho En Trinidad

LISTEN to Trinidad, Cuba’s ARRABIO.
New song - NO LAW!

ARRABIO are our friends from Trinidad and Sancti Spiritus, Cuba that have been with us on our many journeys. This summer, we brought Vancouver recording engineer Jesse Gander of the Hive Creative Labs to Trinidad to make some records. This is the first listen of ARRABIO’s song No Law, from their forthcoming Album “Hecho En Trinidad”, recorded at the Solidarity Studios in Trinidad, Cuba, July 2012.

Much, much more coming soon.


No Law can destroy what we create
No Law can stop what we have done
No Law can keep our brother down
No Law can take you from us

Because we are stronger
than anger, hate and pain.

No hay ley
Que pueda detenernos
Que pueda hacernos caer
Estamos juntos en esto
No hay nada que puedan hacer

Porque somos más de uno
Y es que somos más que mas
Pensando diferente
No nos podrán callar

Cause we are stronger
and bigger than ever
stronger and bigger than you.

Con mi voz y con tus manos
Los podemos detener
No hay ninguna ley mi hermano
Que nos haga retroceder

Last night was really great. The Fucking Lottery played for a small, but very enthusiastic crowd, NN, The Fight and the Lad Mags kicked a whole lot of ass as well.

Tonight, the show continues. We’ve got some pretty amazing bands coming together to help bring our friends in ARRABIO to Canada this fall. This is more than a show to me, this is what the words SOLIDARITY ROCK actually mean. Edmonton is a hell of a crazy place sometimes. It’s more than truck nuts and stab vests, it’s a place where ideas come alive and where people know each other and give a fuck. I have been working on this Solidarity Rock project with a lot of amazing people over the past 5 years, and it means a lot to see the enthusiasm people carry with them for it. Everything we’re doing this weekend is to change the world in a small way. For ARRABIO, this is the chance of a lifetime. Just as it was for the members of 7and7is, SLATES, Kids on Fire, Hangloose, the Vicious Cycles, Uh Oh and the Previous Tenants when they got the chance to tour Cuba. The members of ARRABIO are with us at every turn while we’re down there, and this is our chance to give that back. They’ll be crashing on our floors, playing in the places we go see or play shows and seeing how life is on the DIY level across Canada.

This weekend, we have the chance to make some huge things come to pass, and I hope everyone can make it out tonight so we can show our friends the best time possible.

Here’s the line up. Doors will open around 4, bands will start after.

MORALS (10:00 - 10:45)
THE GET DOWN (9:15 - 9:45)
FALKLANDS (8:30 - 9:00)
SKIN (7:45-8:15)
THE WEEKEND KIDS (7:00-7:30)
LOU WREATH (6:15-6:45)
FREE ELLIOTT (5:30-6:00)

Plus James Stewart of SLATES is going to be playing some solo acousticy jams at some point in the evening.

See you there.