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ARRABIO on tour!

Ok folks. Thankfully, ARRABIO received their visas last tuesday, the day before they flew in. We’ve been so busy, we haven’t had a chance to update you on it all here, so here’s what up.

The band arrived in Edmonton on October 3, at midnight. We went to the Empress and had a couple of drinks, surrounded by nearly all our friends who have been a part of the Solidarity Rock experience over the years. I think it was the best welcome possible for our Cuban bros.

Friday night, we made history at the ARTery in Edmonton, by witnessing the first Cuban punk or hardcore band to play outside of Cuba. This is an interesting feat, no matter what, but moreso because of the shared commitment that we’ve undertaken to support independent music and art in Cuba. Our friends in ARRABIO have been at the forefront of this work, and watching it all come together for them in my hometown made me more than proud.

Knucklehead/ARRABIO/VCMC and Nervous Wreck sold out the Artery. The people were packed in from the stage to the door, and at least half the crowd actually lost their minds.

Last night in Calgary, the show repeated itself with the substitution of Sabertooth for NW. Beyond anyone’s wildest hopes, the show sold out the Republik, which is pretty amazing in and of itself. 501 people came through the door, and it ruled.

Traveling throughout Alberta with ARRABIO has been amazing, we’re putting together a party show tonight and celebrating punksgiving with some of Edmonton and Western Canada’s best bands. We’ll be updating with photos and more very very soon!

See you in Vancouver!

Drew & Solidarity Rock