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Arrabio’s Solidrity Rock Canadian Tour. (On Stage)

by Sam

Solidarity Rock is brotherhood, cultural exchange and a lot of more deeper issues that I can even understand, but, of course music is one of the lubricants that makes communication go smooth.

During the 23 days Arrabio traveled Canada they performed 10 amazing shows, and was as part of the audience in one. They shared the stage with bands that surprised us over and over again. Bands that sometime we had been with before, and some other that we just had listen at in a record or watch on a DIY video clip, but been there and see, in firsthand, how they interact with the crowd, how they get feedback from audience, how the whole thing is conceived for sure had been a great experience for Arrabio members as musicians.

For me, a person non capable to play even a single tune in a guitar, be on shows had been always more a question of feeling the music. As a photographer is kind of situation where you should be concerned about changing lights, moving subjects and the risk of been hit by the exalted crowd, so is a  kind of amazing adventure that sometimes don’t let you pay the right attention to the melody but for sure implies the challenge of capture the euphoria of the moment in a shot.

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