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Arrabio’s Solidarity Rock Canadian Tour (Time Off)

by Sam

23 days are such a short time when you are with your friends and everyone is trying to please you.

During our stance in Canada we had some free time to go and see places that we just had a pretty far idea how awesome should them be, once again our friends took care of everything and we had the best adventures ever….

And of course even during shows we were living an endless party…

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Arrabio’s Solidrity Rock Canadian Tour. (Friends & Supporters)

By Sam

No tour neither cubans in Canada would be possible without Solidarity Rock friends crew.

I will not mention names, but everyone of them that was around (even not in the flesh) during our travel and its planning know their heart that they are in our thoughts.

Friends that conceived the idea.

Friends that helped us with the planning till the last minute

Friends that sponsored us.

Friends that welcomed us.

Friends that make all the way from distant locations just to spent time with us.

Friends that feed us and gave us a place to sleep.

Friends that took us to amazing places and guaranteed our safe stance there.

Friends that share their personal stuff and gear with us.

Friends that took care of us when homesick stroke.

Friends that encourage us.

Friends that brought friends to the venues, people who eventually became our friends too.

Friends that allow us took us to the places that are important for their life.

Friends that couldn’t be there.


As I wrote before, I will not mention names but no one is missing in my heart.

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Arrabio’s Solidrity Rock Canadian Tour. (Abstract)

First delivery

By Sam

After months of planning, weeks of rush and days of stress on October 3rd, 2012, for the first time in history, a Cuban rock band flew outside the country to get involved in the adventure of touring in a foreign land.

For 23 days Arrabio,  a Cuban translator and myself traveled Canada getting in touch the state of art of international punk movement , having parties,  meeting old friends, knowing new ones, visiting the most amazing landscapes we ever have read about or saw on TV and, of course, the band performed 10 amazing shows with Canadian and Americans Bands, members were interviewed and participated in oral panel about DIY punk in Cuba….

For the musicians the tour was the opportunity for prove themselves as artists taking their music to a public very different from the one they are used to in Cuba, also the chance to fulfill one of the dreams of a generation, been on stage with Agnostic Front.

For me was the unique experience of seeing life with a new perspective thru my cam lens.

I’ll be uploading posts with sets of photos trying to give an idea thru images and few words of how the tour was for all of us.

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Tour Cuban Crew:

Daimel Cuervo (Bass and vocals in Arrabio)

Douglas Bravo (Guitar and back vocals in Arrabio)

William Garcia (Guitar in Arrabio)

Leodan Rodriguez (Drums in Arrabio)

Fernando Perera (Translator)

Samuel Reina (Photographer)

Hang Loose in Cuba

Photos by Sam

Some images we share during Hang Loose Cuban Tour.

Follow the link to flickr for more images

  • Arrabio will be playing Solidarity Rock dates the next April 21 in Jatibonico with Cancerbero.
  • May 3th in Trinidad as a wedding gift for our friend Darryl and his  Leanne with the bands; Adictox, Akupunktura and Arrabio.
  • May 10 in Sancti Spíritus at El Paso gallery as opening for the Solidarity Rock photo expo with 50 shoots taken by Sandy Phimister, Samuel Calvo, Aaron Bocanegra and Drew McIntosh.

Calgary recap!

On March 24, we had the great pleasure of showing our photo show at House Gallery in Calgary and then spending the evening with Forbidden Dimension, The Vibrating Beds and Miesha and the Spanks! It was indeed a great evening, and as the Solidarity Rock project grows and comes to include more members of the independent music and art community, we know we’re doing good things.

We installed 50 images of our cross cultural creative exchange on the walls of Derek Bisbing’s house, and spent several hours talking to people who came by to see the photos. Some people were there because they loved photography, some where there because they were into music and some had traveled to Cuba before and were anxious to see our perception of a country so beautiful and complicated. We stood behind the work, which included photographs by Sandy Phimester, Aaron Bocanegra, Samuel Reina Calvo and me, Drew McIntosh. I think that we were able to show people what we’re about and our images spoke for themselves. We very much appreciate the Edmonton Arts Council and their micro-grant program intended to support Edmonton artists and enable them to accomplish small fast acting projects. We were able to print and frame this show with their support and our next stop with it is going to be in Cuba, where we will donate the photos as a sign of good will from the people of Edmonton and the photographers involved. Most cities don’t do things like this, mine however, does.

The musical show at the Palomino afterwards was really great. I was blown away by all the bands who played, and really can’t say enough about them all. Forbidden Dimension, The Vibrating Beds and Miesha and the Spanks! are all seriously talented groups of people, it was an honour to have them play as part of our project.


For me, it was really nice to be able to spend time with Steve Hallick and Leif Gobeil, formerly of the band Kids on Fire. We did a tour with them to Cuba last March. They’ve since quit playing as Kids on Fire, and Leif’s in the Vibrating Beds, Steve is their cotton tech and fill in drummer. Ian, the other member of KOF also came through Alberta with his band the Noble Thiefs, but we missed them by a day, unfortunately. Check them out, I’ve heard nothing but good things.

All in all, we got some great press, had the opportunity to share our project, our photography and our ideas with a bunch of new people and we raised a couple dollars to put towards sending a shipment of instruments down to Cuba this spring. We’ve got about 10 guitars, 2 drum kits and a couple of amps. Thanks to everyone involved in making sure this stuff makes its way to the Cuban rockers that are using it to build and further their craft.

Check out a bunch of videos from the show:

Check out some more photos: