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Dear Solidarity Rock friends, fans and supporters.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, ARRABIO were not able to secure their visas in order to leave Cuba and travel to Canada in time to make our scheduled tour opening show in Toronto this evening. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon shows. Our understanding is that there is a chance they will finally receive the visas Monday or Tuesday, so that’s what we’re waiting for. We have rescheduled their flights to reflect this and are planning on going ahead with the Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver area shows, and making up as many dates as possible on the prairies, to end the tour in Winnipeg.

This being the first time a Cuban punk band has been this close to leaving Cuba to tour, we feel like it’s especially important to believe in the possibility that it will all just work itself out, and prepare for the best time possible. We will release a revised itinerary and further information in the coming days.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, download ARRABIO’s Full Length Album at

Solidarity Rock                                         

SOLIDARITY MONTH! Huge announcement!


Hey everyone. One of the biggest things we’re trying to do with Solidarity Rock is bring people together. So, we are!

The idea of Solidarity Month is that we’re throwing shows, putting up photography expos and trying to get the word out that we’re working together to create more music and more art for everyone. As anything, when dealing with large groups of people, details aren’t always super 100% until they “have” to be. So, here’s what we can tell you for now.


April 21 - Edmonton, AB - The Mandates - Dead Voices - Allotropes @ The Wunderbar (
April 21 - Jatibonico, Cuba - Arrabio, Cancerbero
April 27 - Milwaukee, WI **
May 3 - Trinidad, Cuba - Arrabio, Adictox, Akupunktura @ AHS
May 4 - Vancouver, BC - Safety Show, Philoceraptor, Previous Tenants @ Lana Lou’s (
May 10 - Sancti Spiritus, Cuba - Arrabio and guests @ Galleria El Paso - Photography exposition opening
May 25 - Winnipeg, MB - Guerillas of Soul, Noble Thiefs @ Times Change(d)
June 8 - Edmonton, AB - Sock Hop! TBA

DON’T SEE YOUR CITY? STAND WITH US BY HOSTING A SOLIDARITY ROCK PARTY/SHOW/BBQ/GET TOGETHER. Email info(a) to let us know! We’ll include your show in our listings and post your photos to our site!

All of these shows are going to be great, and if you can make it to one of them, you should. All the funds raised by the individual shows will go towards our summer plans.

During the month, we’re going to be announcing some awesome stuff, like the launch of our digital distro! You’re going to be able to check out some great music from our Cuban cohorts, and the awesome bands that support them. I think most people familiar with Solidarity Rock realize that this project is as DIY as they come. Our distro will be a way for people to support us with a small donation for music downloads and for our Cuban friends to get the recognition they deserve by being heard.


We’re heading back to Cuba! In just over 2 weeks, members of the Solidarity Rock crew are heading south. Our friend and Solidarity Rock dude in Winnipeg, Darryl Reilly is getting married to his lovely lady Leanne in Trinidad! He was with us on the Kids on Fire tour last March, and has always had an affinity for Cuba. He’s getting married on May 2 in Trinidad surrounded by friends from across Canada and Cuba and even a lone American. On May 3rd, Arrabio, Adictox and Akupuntura are all going to make their way to Trinidad to play a show in celebration of our friends and their life together.

Then, on May 10, we’re going to take the next step with our photography show by opening a 50 image exposition in Sancti Spiritus.  This is the same show that the Edmonton Arts Council funded through their micro grant program and that we’ve had the good fortune to show in Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver. Thanks to the EAC, we get the chance to share our work with people across Cuba. The show is currently booked at the Galleria El Passo in Sancti Spiritus as well as the gallery in Jatibonico, and we’re donating the whole show to the AHS in Sancti Spiritus to be toured around the country. Clearly, we’re using art for the highest and most badass reasons.

This July, our good friend Jesse Gander, one of the recording gurus usually holed up in Vancouver’s Hive Creative Labs, will be heading to the beautiful Island to do what he does best - make records. We’ll be setting up our buddies in long running Cuban punk bands Arrabio (Trinidad), Akupunktura (Cienfuegos) and Adictox (Santa Clara) with a day and a half each of solid recording time and producing an album each when it’s all done.

Our plans for the summer are shaping up, and we’re looking to raise about $2500 for the recording project. I am 100% certain that we can do this together.

Our benefit shows across Canada and into the US will help us to accomplish our goals of:

1. Making some punk rock records in Cuba
2. Supporting our summer tour (which will be announced on May 15, as soon as we’re back from the next trip)
3. Bringing ARRABIO to Canada. This is something we’re working on in the initial stages. We’ll let you know what it’s going to take in a couple weeks. THIS WILL BE THE FIRST TIME A CUBAN ROCK BAND HAS LEFT CUBA TO TOUR IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY!

As you can see, these are all awesome plans. Help us reach our goal by standing together for the things we all love: rock’n’roll, community and friendship.


  • Arrabio will be playing Solidarity Rock dates the next April 21 in Jatibonico with Cancerbero.
  • May 3th in Trinidad as a wedding gift for our friend Darryl and his  Leanne with the bands; Adictox, Akupunktura and Arrabio.
  • May 10 in Sancti Spíritus at El Paso gallery as opening for the Solidarity Rock photo expo with 50 shoots taken by Sandy Phimister, Samuel Calvo, Aaron Bocanegra and Drew McIntosh.